ALBORZ multi-physics solver

ALBORZ is a parallel multi-physics flow modeling tool. It is parallelized with MPI and is currently routinely used on clusters around the world such as Piz Daint, superMUC-NG, HAWK etc. It has lattice Boltzmann solvers for incompressible/compressible flows regimes with different collision models such as SRT, TRT, MRT, CM-MRT, regularized etc. Furthermore the code supports multi-phase flows with different formulations such as pseudo-potential, free energy and phase-field. It also allows for the simulation of multi-species reacting flows with both FD and LB solvers. Interested readers are encouraged to get in touch with me via the form below to get access to the git repository.

LB spectral analysis tool

Assessment of the stability limits of a numerical scheme along with its spectral properties is a rather important topic. This tool is a suit of Matlab-based functions covering spectral/stability analysis of the LBM with anyone of the available collision operators, correctors for third-order moments, advection-diffusion solvers etc. The tool is based on the von Neumann approach preceded by a linearization of the Boltzmann equation. As for ALBORZ, this code is accessible upon request.